Got Dents?

TBell Dent Restoration will save you hundreds of dollars and make your vehicle look like new again via paintless dent repair!

Retail customers and private motorists

Vehicle Auctions

Car Dealerships and trade customers

De-fleet and Logistics sites

Automotive remarketing sector

Manufacturer’s production line / logistics

Discover the amazing cost savings offered by paintless dent repair (PDR) when compared to traditional methods of repair, when your paint is not damaged. PDR increases your vehicle value and appearance while protecting your original paint finish.

Special tools are used to access the inside of a dented panel, and the metal is massaged smoothly back into its original form – with most jobs completed within one hour, satisfaction guaranteed.

If you’re a resident within the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles California area, contact us today and see how we can assist you with our paintless dent removal and restoration service. All our repairs help your car, truck, or vehicle restore that original body presence you need without damaging your paint job.

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